Operation Grant: Ohio Republicans organize to vote for Biden

Operation Grant for Ohio: We are Republicans, conservatives, or former Trump-voters who put country before party. It’s OK to change your mind, Ohio. We Did…
Operation named after Ohio-born President Ulysses S. Grant, who this group credits for unifying the country after the Civil War.

Among Operation Grant’s supporters is former Shelby County GOP chair Christopher Gibbs. He argues Trump has hurt farmers considerably with failed trade policies then made them wards of the government through federal aid packages.

“With markets in tatters and prices below the cost of production, farmers had little choice but to grab hold of that money, say, ‘Thank you, sir,’ shut up and hunker down,” Gibbs says.

Major General Dennis Laich, also a Republican, says Trump doesn’t respect the troops who are fighting to keep the country safe from harm. Operation Grant already funded one attack ad featuring veterans criticizing Trump.
(excerpted from WOSU Public Media, Jo Ingles report 9-17-20)