Knox County Democratic Party


The Knox County Democratic Party is led by an executive committee that serves two-year terms. The executive committee consists of central committee members elected during the even-year primary election, plus appointed and ex officio members. Ex officio members are full members but are granted membership on the basis of other positions served in the community.

Executive Committee Officers, term expiring April 2026

Kathy Tate, Chairwoman
Rob Fetters, Vice Chairman
Elaine Stull, Secretary
Linda Michaels, Treasurer

Executive Committee Membership, term expiring April 2026
Precinct Captains

Mount Vernon 1A: Patricia Keane

Mount Vernon 2A: Mary Rugola-Dye

Mount Vernon 2C: Adam Gilson

Mount Vernon 3A: Janet Chandler

Mount Vernon 3B: Joyce Skocic

Mount Vernon 4A: Lindsay Miller

Mount Vernon 4B: R. Dale Miller

Berlin: Franklin Brown

College: Linda Michaels, KCDP Treasurer

Gambier A: Jill Grubb

Gambier B: Laurie Finke

Harrison: Nancy Bevan

Centerburg: Victoria Eckhart

Howard B: Elaine Stull, KCDP Secretary

Howard C: Rob Fetters, KCDP Vice Chair

Howard D: Kathy Tate, KCDP Chair

Liberty B: Cheryl Matthes

Monroe A: Margaret Dunn

Monroe B: Greta Lindstrom Cornell

Morris B: Kathryn Edwards

Pike: R. Clayton Shell

Wayne: Erin Salva

At Large Members

Annie Homstad

Leeman Kessler

Julie Shoemaker

Amanda Shufelberger

Janet Byrne Smith

Andrea White

Legacy Members

Paula Siegel Barone

Sam Barone

Susan Kahrl