Knox County Democratic Party


The Knox County Democratic Party is led by an executive committee that serves two-year terms. The executive committee consists of central committee members elected during the even-year primary election, plus appointed and ex officio members. Ex officio members are full members but are granted membership on the basis of other positions served in the community.

Executive Committee Officers, term expiring April 2024
Kathy Tate, Chairwoman
Adam Gilson, Vice Chairman
Elaine Stull, Secretary
Linda Michaels, Treasurer

Executive Committee Membership, term expiring April 2024

Kathleen Tate, Howard D
KCDP Chairwoman
“I am a lifelong democrat who believed so much in John Kennedy’s words “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, I joined the Air Force after high school. I ran for state legislature in 2018, and continue to do what is needed for the party in Knox County.”

Adam Gilson, Mount Vernon 2C

Vice Chairman
I believe in good, smart, effective government–a government of, by, and for the people, working on behalf of the ALL the people, regardless of identity, to solve intractable issues, guarantee equality of opportunity, and work toward an ever more just future.

Elaine Stull, Howard B

“I am concerned about equality among all people. I am aware that the environment needs our help to heal.  I fear for our country and will do whatever I can to help change the course we have been on for the past few years.

Linda Michaels, College

cares about social security, Medicare/Medicaid, worker safety, fair wages, curbs on rampant capitalism, and social justice

Nancy Bevan, Harrison

Franklin Brown, Berlin
Democrat because I have a heart

Patricia Burdette, Pike

Janet Chandler, Mount Vernon 3A
As a Democrat I believe that we continue to grow toward a more perfect union.”

Margaret (Peggy) Dunn, Monroe A
“I am a Democrat because I feel it is the political party that shows compassion and the need for equality for all our citizens and works to make our democracy a shining example for the rest of the world!”

Kathryn Edwards, at large
“I value democracy, equal rights amendment; right to choose; social justice; LGBTQ rights

Rob Fetters, Howard C
“I believe that governments should help ordinary people, including through protecting health and safety, funding educational opportunities, and defending freedoms involved in voting rights and labor union organizing.

Gordon Gantt, at large
 “I am a Democrat because this party challenges us to be better versions of ourselves, to be better to each other, and to expand the reach of American opportunity.”

Luisa Barone Gantt, at-large
“As a lifelong Democrat, I believe in doing what we can to move our country forward and make it better for our kids. I am particularly passionate about equal rights, healthcare for all, gun control and environmental issues.” 

Jill Grubb, Gambier A
at age of 12 picketed for equal housing in DC

Annie Homstad, at-large
“I own a successful accounting business as well as act as the local school treasurer and substitute teacher in my community. My background in the financial industry gives me valuable knowledge and expertise in a wide range of banking, auditing, and financial roles. I am passionate about finding solutions to women’s healthcare, protecting privacy rights, expanding voting rights, increasing minimum wage to 15 and gun reforms.”

Patricia Keane, Mount Vernon 1A
“I am a Democrat because we support fair wages for working families, giving women the freedom to make decisions about their health and pregnancy without government interference, democratic elections, and common sense gun safety rules”

Leeman Kessler, at large Mayor of Gambier
 “- Democrats represent the largest, broadest, most diverse, and most representative coalition with the greatest opportunity to evolve and respond to their constituents
– we deserve leaders who owe their positions to this coalition and not to hidden donors and gerrymandering
– for the entirety of US history, you could do worse than ask who is supporting and supported by women of color, particularly black women to guide your political support.
– Democrats have a storied history and a mixed present but they are the party of genuine hope and progress”

Roger Munday, at large
“I used to be an independent leaning heavy to Democrat, since the Republicans have turned into a theology I decided I must move to democrat and run for office to help save the Republic, I hope more people will run Democrat, Independent, or even true old style Republican because their old questionable policies are so much better than their new Theology.”

Deb Riedmiller, at large

Mary Rugola-Dye, Mount Vernon 2B

Erin Salva, Wayne
Democracy is fragile when we the people are divided and demonized by leaders who put political power over political service. Freedom is not a right it is earned in service to the greater good.

Amanda Shufelberger, Morris B
“Being from Northern California it was easy to be a Democrat.  Then I moved to Ohio where reproductive freedoms, alternative energy sources and the overall belief in science & equality are under attack from the majority party so I knew I needed to get more active in political issues

Joyce Skocic, Mount Vernon 3B

Janet Byrne Smith, at large
“I am a Democrat because I love our country and believe in democracy, fairness and kindness for all people. I am pro-choice and a committed LGBTQ+ ally”

Andrea White, at large

Meg Galipault, past KCDP chairwoman
“I have always believed in social justice, the civil liberties of the individual balanced with the greater good of the community, the dignity of workers, and the right to decent health care. Yes, we can.

Sam Barone, Legacy

Richard Mavis, Legacy

Paula Barone, Legacy