Get involved

The Knox County Democratic Party is an all-volunteer, all-donor-funded organization. You are the party! Getting involved is easy.

Donate to KCDP
Since 2004, KCDP has maintained a full-time headquarters to give us a presence in the community. You can help support headquarters expenses as well as campaign expenses by making a donation today.

For your convenience, you can now donate to KCDP through ActBlue! Or, if you prefer, you can use our PayPal link below:

Run for office
State offices, county offices, city offices–offices at all levels of government are important, and we can’t have a functioning democracy without candidates. Interested in running? Get in touch today.

Serve on the central and executive committees
The KCDP central and executive committees are the party’s governing body and serve two-year terms beginning after the primary election of the even-numbered year. Get in touch to learn more about serving on these committees.

Get active locally
Understanding the need to be heard, citizens are rising up, challenging our elected officials to do the work of the people and not special interests. In addition to work undertaken on behalf of the party, the Knox County Democratic Party can connect you to other resources and groups work to further progressive causes. Get in touch for more information.

Attend a monthly party meeting
The executive committee of the Knox County Democratic Party meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at KCDP Headquarters, 9 East Vine Street in Mount Vernon. The committee does not meet in the months of July and December. The monthly meetings are business meetings for the committee, but according to longstanding tradition, meetings are open to all registered Democrats in the county. Stop by and meet your local Democrats. Contact us for more information on monthly meetings.

Volunteer in other ways
Want to get involved, but don’t want to run for office or knock on doors? You can help staff our headquarters, represent the party at local festivals, help prepare mailings–there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year. Get in touch to learn how you can help.