Knox County Democratic Party


What you do matters
Your efforts to ensure our democracy is protected—from calling your representative to writing a letter to the editor to signing a petition—make a difference. Your financial support of your Knox County Democratic Party matters too.

A contribution helps to keep us on the path of greater representation! 

Without you, especially in a red county like Knox, Democrats fade into the background and our democracy suffers. Together, we are empowered to change local and national priorities. Our congressman may not do anything to further growth and prosperity and justice in Knox County, but we continue to push for a better way of life for all.

Your support plays a vital role in our success. Your donation, whatever size, will keep our office visible and relevant, our work organized and intentional. So much of what we do depends on you.

Can you donate generously? The Knox County Democratic Party — and the Democrats we proudly represent — cannot succeed without your continued, true-blue kindness. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Your Donation Options:
For your convenience, you can donate immediately through Act Blue. Or you can send a check to Knox County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 766, Mount Vernon OH 43050. Whatever you choose, please know we are grateful. And if you’ve already given, please accept our deepest thanks!


Since 2004, KCDP has maintained a full-time headquarters to give us a presence in the community. You can help support headquarters expenses as well as campaign expenses by making a donation today.

For your convenience, you can now donate to KCDP several ways:

Or by sending a check:

Knox County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 766
Mount Vernon OH 43050

We are so grateful for your support! It helps us to keep Democrats visible and relevant in Knox County!