United We Stand: Workers of Ohio make a video

United We Stand: Workers of Ohio make a video

This week the Ohio Team is launching our “United We Stand” initiative. We are spotlighting the stories of workers from all across Ohio who have had enough of Trump’s attacks on workers and are fired up and ready to go for a Biden/Harris administration. If you are interested in submitting a testimonial for the campaign, please follow the instructions below ↓↓↓


Your video should be under one minute.

Say your name, where you’re from and what industry you work in (you do not have to mention your employer by name, unless you feel comfortable doing so).
Include facts or anecdotal experiences or about how Donald Trump has impacted workers.
Include positive messaging about how Joe Biden will build back better for all Americans.
Conclude your video by saying something along the lines of, “When Donald Trump threatened workers at Goodyear, he threatened all Ohio workers. Ohioans are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3rd. United We Stand.”


Go to https://stories.joebiden.com/oh/prompt-single/united on a computer with a camera or your cell phone.
After you have read through the language guidance and you are ready to record your video, click the “record video” button.
After you have completed your video, hit “stop recording”.
You can now watch your video and retake if you need to.
**Note: There are explainer videos at the bottom of page to show you how to record a great video!


Keep the light source behind the camera and always shining on your face
Be mindful of your surroundings and background
Speak very clearly and look into the camera
DON’T FORGET – “Kamala” is pronounced “comma – la”