Townships: Want to know something about your trustee candidates?

Townships: Want to know something about your trustee candidates?

Information about candidates running for Trustee in your township has always been hard to find in Knox County.
Some put up road signs but they tell you nothing about their motives or vision.  A few candidates may place an ad in a newspaper, but newspapers have dwindled in Knox County and the ads are not informative.   What can you do?

Board of Elections has names, addresses, and phone numbers (if candidate provided) that you can find online here.     Phone numbers for your current trustees can be found at  Knox County Regional Planning Office.  

For those candidates running for an open seat you can get contact information by calling Knox County Board of Elections:  (740) 393-6716

Once you have phone numbers call each candidate before you vote.  What to ask?
Why do they want or like serving the community as trustee?
What is the one thing they are most proud of contributing to the township?
What would they like to accomplish in the near future as trustee?
What are their thoughts on how to better inform township residents about election issues and candidates affecting them directly?
This year, what are their thoughts about the Commissioners proposal to aggregate the townships with the cities to form a larger collective to obtain better pricing of gas and/or electric to residents homes?

Similarly, you can pursue contact information about school board candidates.