Teachers Matter: Listen to teachers’ common sense

Teachers Matter: Listen to teachers’ common sense

An open letter to all the people crying “Arm the teachers”

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  1. Yes, my students are very important to me. No, I should not be expected to take a bullet for your kid, nor am I willing to kill what usually ends up being another student in the event of a school shooting scenario.This does not make me a bad teacher, nor does it mean I’m a crappy, selfish human being.

  2. I did not sign up for what you’re proposing. I have my own family and my own child to come home to, and yes, I definitely love them more than your student.

  3. You seem unaware of the constant time and training RESPONSIBLE and EFFECTIVE law enforcement officers put in to make sure their skills are up to par and they will hit what they’re trying to hit instead of an innocent when/if the time comes. I already work 10+ unpaid off-hours per week for my students; I’m not about to be saddled with yet another responsibility.

  4. If I shoot and miss, I’m liable. If a shooting happens and I don’t react by using my gun against the assailant, I’m liable. I’m not protected from liability for failure to act like police are. I will be blamed for whatever ends up happening because I didn’t “do my duty.”

  5. The political party the majority of you seem to support doesn’t even trust me to assign appropriate books to your student or teach the inconvenient truths of history to your student. But you have the audacity to trust me with a firearm around them?

“Arm the teachers” is a way for lawmakers and ammo-sexuals to pass the buck. We will not become your scapegoats for yet another issue.

Signed, A high school English teacher who’s fed up with hearing this bullshit

Published Jun 14, 2022 on Reddit