Ohio Voting Limitations Bill 294

Ohio Voting Limitations Bill 294


1. Limits counties to one ballot drop box location for 10 days before an election—regardless of how large or populated a county is.

Voters in Ohio’s highest population counties sat in traffic jams at drop boxes last year but counties will be prohibited from making drop boxes more accessible.

2. Eliminates one of the busiest final three days of early voting – Monday. In 2020, some 31,413

Ohio voters voted the day before Election Day.

3. Cuts off mail ballot requests at 10 days before the election, which would make Ohio more

restrictive than 40+ other states. In 2020, some 451,863 Ohio voters requested a ballot the final week. In that time, 413,093 voters requested and returned their ballots.

4. Two forms of ID would be required to apply online for a mail ballot and vote-by-mail voters

would be subject to a new three-tier ID rule with strict photo ID as the preference. 58.6% of voters, more than 3.5 million, voted by mail in 2020.

5. If a vote-by-mail ballot is not inside TWO envelopes–the inner envelope and the outer

return envelope—it will be thrown out. Ohio Republicans are trying the same anti-voter tactic Pennsylvania Republicans did to throw out more ballots.

6. The bill doesn’t add any automated voter registration to the voters’ experience. It continues

the same Motor Voter policy in place since 1995. In fact, it explicitly excludes online BMV customers from the opportunity to register to vote.

7. Keeps large numbers of young people from the requesting mail ballots online by requiring 2

forms of ID, (incl. photo ID). The Plain Dealer reports that 17% of Ohio 18-year-olds don’t have photo ID.

8. Makes ban on public offices paying return postage even stricter than current law.

Paying voters’ return postage would remove a barrier to voting by mail.