Ohio Finally Will Get to Vote for Reproductive Freedom

Ohio Finally Will Get to Vote for Reproductive Freedom

There’s a new Issue 1 and this time we need you to vote YES.

Issue 1 on the ballot in November will finally give Ohioans the opportunity to vote for reproductive freedom. Don’t let the deceptive advertisements from anti-choice groups fool you.  Or the shenanigans on ballot language by the Ohio secretary of state’s office.  The Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights have filed a lawsuit to get the ballot language changed to what the amendment actually says, but no matter what happens with that lawsuit and no matter what anti-choice ads tell you, if Issue 1 passes in November, this is what will become law:

Be it Resolved by the People of the State of Ohio that Article I of the Ohio Constitution is amended to add the following Section:

Article I, Section 22. The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety

A. Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on:

  1. contraception;
  2. fertility treatment;
  3. continuing one’s own pregnancy;
  4. miscarriage care; and
  5. abortion

B. The State shall not, directly or indirectly, burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate against either:

  1. An individual’s voluntary exercise of this right or
  2. A person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right,

unless the State demonstrates that it is using the least restrictive means to advance the individual’s health in accordance with widely accepted and evidence-based standards of care.

However, abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability. But in no case may such an abortion be prohibited if in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician it is necessary to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health.

C. As used in this Section:

  1. “Fetal viability” means “the point in a pregnancy when, in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician, the fetus has a significant likelihood of survival outside the uterus with reasonable measures. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.”
  2. “State” includes any governmental entity and any political subdivision.

D. This Section is self-executing.