KCDP July-Aug 2022 Newsletter from Kathy Tate

KCDP July-Aug 2022 Newsletter from Kathy Tate

There are so many things happening here in Knox County.

Early voting for the primary is happening now.
People are upset with the U.S. Supreme Court. Protests have been happening.
The January 6 th hearing provides some jaw dropping information.
The Knox County Fair will be July 24 th to the 30 th and there will be a Knox County Democrats booth in the
Merchants Building. Volunteer to work at the booth or stop by to see us.
Signs on the Square continues every Saturday at 1pm.
Primary August 2
To view your ballot:

Democratic Candidates on the ballots in Knox County
State Senator SD19
Chrissie Hinshaw
Heather M. Swiger

State Representative HD61
(Covers precincts – Hilliar A, Hilliar B, Centerburg, Liberty A, Liberty B, Middlebury, Milford, Miller,
Morris A, Morris B, Wayne, Fredericktown A, Fredericktown B, Fredericktown C), Berlin Twp
Louise Valentine

State Representative HD98
Although there is no candidate for State Representative for HD98 on the Aug. 2 ballot, we will have a
write in candidate in NovemberAnnie Homstad.

Member Democratic State Central Committee
Joydeep Gupta, running for Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) State Central Committee for
Senate District – 19, which includes all of Delaware, Knox, Holmes, and Coshocton
counties. As First Vice-Chair for Delaware County Democratic Party (DCDP) and as a
member/volunteer with Progressive / Democratic values-aligned organizations, I want
to take my learnings & experiences to State Central Committee and support ODP’s
efforts as it continues to put people first, work for a bright future and be a voice for
every Ohioan.
John K. “Jack” Hartman, 76, of Powell in Delaware County, is a candidate for 19 th  District
State Central Committeeman on the Aug. 2 primary ballot. A native of Ashland, Hartman
has been involved in Democratic Party activities for more than 50 years. He has served
as a precinct committeeman in Ashland, Wood and Delaware Counties for 40 years. He
has run for county office three times and for the Ohio Legislature twice. He was a
delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2004. He was elected to the Bowling
Green Board of Education 5 times. He is a retired journalism professor with a Ph.D. from
Bowling Green State University.

Mary C. Rugola Dye

Knox County Commissioner
Roger Munday

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions are frightening and maddening

Overturning Roe v Wade has taken away women’s right to choose. States are implementing laws that
can interfere with other healthcare needs for women. Politicians have gone overboard making laws
about what most of them don’t know or understand. Women and their doctors can be wrongfully
imprisoned by some of these laws. We need to get Democratic Candidates elected before we lose more
The lack of common sense gun laws is frightening to say the least. The recently passed law is only a start
to making it more dangerous for not only normal people but also for police officers.
Actions you can take:
 Most important of all is VOTE BLUE!
 Donate to the campaigns of Democratic candidates
 We have had some rallies with both state and county candidates attending. There will be more
before November. Please check the Knox County Dems Face Book Page as well as our web page
at https://www.knoxcountydems.org/
 You can express your opinions with Signs on the Square each Saturday at 1pm on the square in
Mount Vernon.

KCDP Committees and what they do
Audit — Primary responsibility for auditing financial records annually.
Fundraising — Organizing events, merchandise sales, mailings to raise funds for KCDP’s operating and
candidate support. Works with communications sub-committee to promote
Events/Outreach — Reserving, setting up, managing and tearing down tables/booths, etc. for festivals
and special events designed to reach voters and recruit volunteers. Works with communications sub-
committee to promote, and with campaign sub-committee to help with voter registration and volunteer
Campaign — Coordinate with national and state campaigns to recruit and assign volunteers to voter
contact, data entry, lit drops, postcard writing, and other tasks. Works with Kenyon Dems and other
Communications — Manages press relations, social media, letters to editor, web site content and
strategy. Ensures branding is consistent across print materials, signage, web and social media, etc.
Works with Campaign, Fundraising, Events/Outreach sub-committees.
Building — Responsible for office space cleaning (meeting Ohio Dept. of Health guidelines for COVID),
organization, scheduling of space, maintenance/landlord relations.
Candidate Recruitment – Identify prospective local candidates for city council, school board, Township
Trustees, state office, county commissioner, etc. Help prospects find resources for training, etc.
Volunteer Recruitment – Helping to find volunteers for all committees

Ad Hoc Women’s Rights– Work to
We need volunteers to work to make Ohio Blue. Let us know your interests by contacting us at