KCDP Newsletter Jan 5, 2021

KCDP Newsletter Jan 5, 2021

Meg Galipault, KCDP Chairperson
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This will be a short newsletter. At this moment—probably like you—I am watching, white-knuckled and all, the outcome of the Georgia election, animated by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki (see Leslie Jones’ twitter feed and #KornackiThirstcontinues). Tomorrow, we’ll learn just how desperate Trump and his acolytes are to betray 81 million Americans who clearly made their choice of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Anything can happen, it seems.
Just a heads-up though: we hope to begin a series of Zoom sessions in February that will investigate Knox County voter data from the 2020 election, strategize local elections, and more. We will send out an email once the dates/times have been set.
While we’re on the topic, if you’re interested in running for your village or council seat—or another position down the road—please let us know! We need good Democrats to run for office so that we can begin building for the future. Write us at info@knoxcountydems.org. (Deadline for petitions to run for a partisan position in 2021 is February 3!)


COMING SOON: Zoom forum on lessons learned in 2020. Keep your eyes open for future announcements.

January 8, Friday. Deadline for videos (see story above about our Inauguration Day video).

January 12, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Women, monthly meeting via Zoom. Please contact Mary Chapa for a Zoom invite.

January 20, Wednesday. Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joseph Biden.

January 26, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting via Zoom. We will vote on the next Board of Elections member to represent Democrats. For a Zoom invitation, please write to info@knoxcountydems.org.

February 3, Wednesday, 4pm. Declarations of candidacy for partisan candidates must be filed (90 days before primary/special election) at Knox County Board of Elections office.

February 23, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting via Zoom. For a Zoom invitation, please write to info@knoxcountydems.org.