Sign Our City Council Democratic Candidate Petitions.

January 16, Saturday, Noon-2pm
KCDP HQ, 9 E. Vine St., Mount Vernon

Sign Our City Council Democratic Candidate Petitions.  One of our most important objectives for the coming year is to recruit and elect Democrats in Knox County. We hope to have several candidates run for Mount Vernon City Council this year, but they need your help to get on the ballot. Every candidate must have 50+ signatures on their petitions in order to get their name on the ballot for the spring primary.

You can help us with a one-stop petition-signing event THIS SATURDAY, January 16, noon-2pm, at the KCDP HQ, 9 E. Vine St., Mount Vernon. (Candidates! Let us know you’ll be there!) We will have space available for candidates to collect signatures in a COVID-safe placement of tables in the office. We require all to wear masks. If you forget yours, we will have masks on hand.

Sign Our Petition Calling for Representative Bob Gibbs’ Resignation

Sign Our Petition Calling for Representative Bob Gibbs’ Resignation

Bob Gibbs has recently proven he is not qualified to represent Ohio’s 7th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. A group of the 7th District’s citizens are calling for his resignation. We believe unity is not possible without accountability, and Rep. Gibbs needs to own his part in last week’s insurrection. We hope you’ll join us. You can sign the petition here.

On January 4, 2021, Mr. Gibbs announced his intention to vote against the acceptance of Electoral College votes from certain other states during the congressional certification process. Mr. Gibbs said — with absolutely no evidence and despite more than 60 lost court cases — that “I believe state judiciaries and state executive offices overstepped their authority in a handful of states.”

In refusing to acknowledge the real winner of the election, Mr. Gibbs threw more fuel on the fire started by President Trump’s lies about a fraudulent election, riling up their base of QAnon and radical far right groups who attacked the Capitol on January 6. Not only that, Mr. Gibbs actually voted to object to the certification of votes from Pennsylvania and Arizona following that terrorist attack. He voted as such, even as he knew that President Trump had incited that insurrection through his continual lies about stolen and “rigged” elections.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Gibbs swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Mr Gibbs has violated the 14th Amendment, the one that prohibits anyone who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the United States, “or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,” from serving in Congress.


Historic Second Impeachment of President Trump


President Trump was impeached in a 232-197 vote. Ten Republicans joined Democrats in rebuking the president. He faces a Senate trial next.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 4:39 PM EST
The Republicans who supported the charge included Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the party’s third-ranking leader in the House.The defections were a remarkable break from the head of the party by Republicans, who voted unanimously against impeaching Mr. Trump just a year ago.

Owning the Educational Failure that January 6 Reflects

Jan 8. 2021
Patricia McGuire, Trinity Washington University


Higher education should be the great counterweight to government, the reliable steward of truth and knowledge against the corrupting tendency of politics to manipulate facts and tell outright lies as a means to gain and secure public support. Truth was one of the earliest victims of the Trump administration, with the president racking up more than 20,000 documentable lies across four years, according to The Washington Post.

Silence is the enemy of truth, and yet few college presidents dared to challenge this tsunami of official lies. Whether about immigrants or climate change or white supremacy or the Covid-19 pandemic, the president and his allies lied with abandon, and higher education remained largely silent. So, in the face of the president’s acutely manipulative lies about the presidential election, it was no surprise that colleges remained on the sidelines, raising no voice in defense of democracy in a timely way, saying nothing about voter suppression, allowing the corrosive effects of the repeated lies to inflame those Americans who are especially susceptible to demagoguery. The mob gained its energy by coalescing around the lies.

In our silence, we have allowed an even more insidious force to spread through the body politic — the racial animus and embrace of white supremacy that give so much energy to the mob. The real cause of the January 6 insurrection is the pervasive fear in one part of American society that the white majority is diminishing as Black and brown Americans grow in numbers and political power. The Trump administration inflamed this fear through rhetoric intended to stoke racial hostility, along with repeated actions to overturn achievements of President Barack Obama. Attempting to destroy the legacy of America’s first and only Black president has been one of Trump’s major preoccupations, part of his effort to remain in power. Few college presidents have had anything to say about this. Even historically Black colleges seemed co-opted by a president whose rhetoric perversely sought to portray himself as their savior.

read entire article in Chronicle of Higher Education

Meg Galipault Letter: Losing Democracy

Jan 11, 2021
Meg Galipault, Chair of KCDP

“An elected institution that opposes elections is inviting its own overthrow.” These words by
Timothy Snyder in the New York Times have stuck with me for several days. They speak to truth
and consequences. The fatal lie told by political leaders and believed by millions—that our
election was “rigged” and that Donald Trump is the true winner—will have devastating
consequences for us all: the loss of democracy. This lie fed the discontent that led to last week’s
deadly insurrection.
The country indulged Trump’s lie for two months. He took it upon himself to challenge the votes
only in those swing states he lost, spending much of November and December engaged in more
than 60 lawsuits contesting the results. He lost every single suit. Not a single piece of evidence
convinced any judge, including judges appointed by Trump, to overturn the results. All the
while, Trump heralded the lie that he won the election in a “landslide.” He fed Americans with
provably false information about fraud.
Had our Republican leaders done what legislators have done in elections past for centuries—
accept and acknowledge the winner—perhaps no storm would have descended on the Capitol to
disrupt the Congressional certification of the election last Wednesday. Instead, legislators, like
our own Representative Bob Gibbs (OH-07), perpetuated the lie, riled up their base of QAnon
and radical far right groups, and encouraged them to “Stop the Steal.”
As of this morning (Jan. 11), Rep. Gibbs still has not issued a public statement denouncing the
violence. But I’m not surprised. Gibbs was, after all, one of the 100+ U.S. Representatives who
voted on January 6, AFTER the insurrection, to oppose certification of the Electoral College for
“certain states.”
In voting to reject the certification, Bob Gibbs willfully lied to his constituents. He knows how
elections work; he’s been running for various offices for two decades. He knows how votes are
counted and by whom and how rare it is to find fraud. He knows how vote totals are released
throughout the night and sometimes into the days following an election. He knows our system
allows for ballots from overseas U.S. service people. He knows what provisional ballots are. He
knows the role of the Secretary of State in certifying elections. He is not some rube.
Hence, he lied last week. He continues to lie by not acknowledging Joe Biden as president-elect.
And in letting this lie stand and fester, he is every bit as culpable for the Capitol insurrection as
Donald Trump. If he had half a conscience, if he mourned those five deaths, he would resign.
We, the voters of the 7th U.S. Congressional District, deserve better.

Baratunde at US Capitol Building

MAGA thugs proudly rampage through US Capitol

Right wing extremists scale US Capitol wall like zombies in a scene from World War Z

Hi you.

It’s me.

Whoever told you 2021 would be more chill than 2020 lied to you.

As I write this, a riotous mob of right wing thugs have taken over the U.S. Capitol building after receiving encouragement from the outgoing president earlier today, material support from right wing media and the Republican Party for the past four years, and aid and comfort from a supremely racist and callous political establishment over the past four decades.

It’s a remarkable moment to witness the siege of the most federal of federal buildings in the capital city of the United States, with more law enforcement officers than anywhere else in the nation.

We know that had the insurrectionists been Black or Brown they would also be dead. We know that had Hillary Clinton ordered people to the US Capitol to “fight” she would have been rebuked forcefully by the entire political establishment.

But we also know that we live in the United States of America, a nation at choice when it comes to determining who gets to be angry, who gets to be violent, who gets to revolt. In America, we reserve the right of revolution for those who’ve always had the most power. Sometimes they revolt in the form of mob violence. Other times it’s the quiet theft of trillions from the treasury or the suppression of votes through legal bribery and gerrymandering. The result is the same.

Recall that time back in 2020 when this nation chose not to muster its resources to fight a deadly pandemic, chose not to equip its people with masks and face shields. Recall a few months later when that same nation chose to equip its security forces with gas masks and riot shields and toxic chemicals we don’t use in war and to deploy them against the very people they are sworn to protect and serve. Recall the front of the White House or the streets of Portland or New York or Los Angeles where those security forces kidnapped, beat, drove over, and arrested thousands in the name of “law and order.”

Recall today, the 6th of January 2021. When an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and the US Department of Defense refused DC’s request for support from the National Guard. Recall the scenes of mayhem inside the halls of “the world’s greatest deliberative body” as Trump extremists removed the US flag and replaced it with a Trump flag. Recall the calm, kind way these violent, criminal, insurrectionists were gently led out of the building as if they were merely in the wrong seating section at the theatre and needed the friendly assistance of an usher.

Now recall the 350,000 people who are not alive to witness these chickens coming home to roost.

Welcome to 2021.

This is what can happen when you put people in charge of government who don’t believe in government, when you undermine democracy from within. The good news: we have a new president coming, a new Congress coming, and a new, Democratic and democratic Senate coming (congratulations to incoming Senators Warnock and Ossoff). We have each other.

The bad news: we also have more conflict, division, pain, disinformation, and chaos coming. The poison is already flowing deeply through the body politic. It will take time to extract it, and we will suffer in the meantime. Hang in there. Stay vigilant. Stay safe. Let’s hold each other through this latest storm.

Baratunde Jan 6, 2020

How Biden Can Rebuild a Divided and Distrustful Nation

Americans Must Get to Know One Another Again
By Isabel Sawhill, January 4, 2021 in Foreign Affairs

This fall, Americans chose Joe Biden as their new president, and many people breathed a sigh of relief. But doing so may be premature. Americans have a new president but not a new country. The United States remains sharply divided: more than 74 million people—47 percent of the electorate—voted to reelect President Donald Trump. As of this writing, Trump has not conceded, claiming that the election was rigged or fraudulent. Even though courts have found these claims to be without merit, more than a third of all voters and 70 to 80 percent of those who voted for Trump agree with the president’s narrative. His refusal to accept the legitimacy of the election will undermine Biden as he seeks to consolidate the support needed to govern successfully.

Why is the United States so divided? Until Americans and their leaders address this question, liberal democracy will remain under threat and the country will see its soft power diminished—even as international threats and authoritarian or populist governments elsewhere grow.

The failure of Trump’s base to accept his defeat is the latest manifestation of a new identity politics driven by both culture and economics. The United States’ two political parties are sorting into distinctive groups based on who they are rather than on their policy preferences. Republicans tend to be religious, rural, native-born, older, male, and less educated. They are overwhelmingly white and working class. Democrats are just the opposite. The Republican base may be shrinking as the population ages and people of color gradually become the majority, but U.S. political institutions, from the Electoral College to the Senate, favor Republicans’ rural and small-state base.

read more

Share your Inauguration joy; be a part of the KCDP video cheer

Help us make history with Knox County voices. Deadline is JANUARY 8

The Knox County Democratic Party wants to create a video montage featuring YOU — volunteers, voters, Democrats—to post on our website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok). We want all to see our joy and enthusiasm (and yes, incomparable relief) for the Biden/Harris administration!  The video will be posted on Inauguration Day, January 20.  You’re invited to contribute to this video, and here’s how:

  • The video will open with a statement—something like, Knox County, Ohio residents share thoughts about the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala HarrisWe are excited about the new Biden/Harris Administration because _____________.
  • We’re asking you to either: (1) create a very short video (about 10 seconds or less) that shows you speaking to fill in the blank for that statement, or (2) contact Janet Byrne Smith at to arrange a time to record your statement via Zoom with Janet’s help.
  • Show your joy, be short and succinct, be yourself (but no swears, please), and don’t give Trump any attention.

We want the video to include as many voices and types of people as possible. We want it to convey our happiness and excitement and also to show Trump voters that we’re pretty normal and don’t drink the blood of babies (really, QAnon?). We need at least 15 videos to make it worthwhile, so please join us!

Creating your own video clip? It’s easy! Just use your cell phone.  Either have a friend video you, or do it as a selfie. And, when you are done recording the video, you can email the video just as you would a photograph.  Please send your video/questions to Janet Byrne Smith (

Let’s share our glee during this spectacular, historical day!

KCDP Newsletter Jan 5, 2021

Meg Galipault, KCDP Chairperson
–from the Chair
–Inauguration Joy, see Events or Get Involved
-Rebuilding a divided and distrustful nation article, see News post
Calendar, here and in Events
This will be a short newsletter. At this moment—probably like you—I am watching, white-knuckled and all, the outcome of the Georgia election, animated by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki (see Leslie Jones’ twitter feed and #KornackiThirstcontinues). Tomorrow, we’ll learn just how desperate Trump and his acolytes are to betray 81 million Americans who clearly made their choice of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Anything can happen, it seems.
Just a heads-up though: we hope to begin a series of Zoom sessions in February that will investigate Knox County voter data from the 2020 election, strategize local elections, and more. We will send out an email once the dates/times have been set.
While we’re on the topic, if you’re interested in running for your village or council seat—or another position down the road—please let us know! We need good Democrats to run for office so that we can begin building for the future. Write us at (Deadline for petitions to run for a partisan position in 2021 is February 3!)


COMING SOON: Zoom forum on lessons learned in 2020. Keep your eyes open for future announcements.

January 8, Friday. Deadline for videos (see story above about our Inauguration Day video).

January 12, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Women, monthly meeting via Zoom. Please contact Mary Chapa for a Zoom invite.

January 20, Wednesday. Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joseph Biden.

January 26, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting via Zoom. We will vote on the next Board of Elections member to represent Democrats. For a Zoom invitation, please write to

February 3, Wednesday, 4pm. Declarations of candidacy for partisan candidates must be filed (90 days before primary/special election) at Knox County Board of Elections office.

February 23, Tuesday, 7pm. Knox County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting via Zoom. For a Zoom invitation, please write to

Historian Timothy Snyder On America’s Health Care Problem

OUR MALADY: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary by Yale Professor of history Timothy Snyder is the outcome of his having become ill with appendicitis in December 2019 and almost died. In a thought provoking interview on ON POINT Dec 28, Snyder says his hospital experience taught him about the powerful relationship between health and liberty in the United States. Well worth listening to the link.  The book, moreso, for demonstrating how patriotism and American exceptionalism makes us blind to our own health care and not learning from outside systems that offer better health care than in US.