Andre Hill

Screw politics. We the people cannot, repeat cannot, continue having the militarized police force that has grown increasing militant without understanding their mission in society, The second murder of an innocent black man in our neighborhood, Columbus, in weeks, Andre Hill.  Again without any provocation, and like George Floyd, without the officer offering any assistance to the fatally shot 47 yr old but rather yelling at his immobile body to roll to his stomach and stretch out his arms….continues year after year to occur without the entire nation and all politicians screaming, stampeding for SIGNIFICANT REFORM. There are no holidays, our joy is false. So if you are toasting this Xmas eve or this Xmas day, please make it to those of us who have died at police hands disregard of life and those of us who have died of Covid, especially those in nursing homes where governments moved covid positive persons without homes to recover and setting off spread of the disease.
I hope that a consciousness can befall us this season as we isolate. Never call the police to complain about a neighbor making noise….go talk to your neighbor. Otherwise you are likely to have a death on your shoulders, especially if the neighbor is not heterosexual and white.

kathryn edwards

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