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Candidates Running for Election in November 2022 on Knox County Ballots: Compared

Ohio Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Democrat: Nan Whaley (Cheryl Stephens for Lt Governor)
•Pushes for sensible gun laws
•Higher paying jobs/better working conditions 
•Not a millionaire 
Republican: Current Governor Mike Dewine (incumbent) (Jon Husted for Lt Governor)
•Signed laws that expand gun access 
•Will criminalize  birth control and IVF
•Voted for unfair districts and rigged elections

Ohio Attorney General: Provides legal representation to all government departments and agencies. 

Democrat: Jeff Crossman
•Transparency & accountability in government
•Prioritizes public safety, personal freedom and a woman’s right to choose
•Volunteers to end hunger and provides free legal counsel 
Republican: Dave Yost (incumbent)
•Failed to prosecute rape cases linked by DNA 
•Helped take voting rights away
•Filed lawsuit to overturn federal ‘bump stock’ ban near anniversary of Dayton shooting
•Pushes abortion bans 

Secretary of State: Oversees elections 

Democrat: Chelsea Clark
•Will stop removing voters from the voter list
•Will modernize voting and registration
•Wants to improve cybersecurity to protect elections from outside interference
Republican: Frank LaRose (incumbent)
•Removes qualified voters from voter rolls 
•Closes polling locations – especially in poor neighborhoods and senior buildings
•Voted for unfair districts 
•Wasted taxpayer dollars to have two primaries 

State Auditor: Supervises efficiency of over 5600 OH agencies and departments; audits all public offices.

Democrat: Taylor Sappington
•Current auditor for Nelsonville
•Launched investigation which led to the largest fraud bust in Nelsonville history
•Will eliminate corruption, vote for fair maps
•Watchdog and advocate for constituents
Republican: Keith Faber (incumbent)
•Let OH become the #1 most corrupt state 
•Voted for unfair maps
•Will continue tax cuts for businesses that don’t create jobs – (LLC Loophole)
•Lets Ohioans pay $12,000 an hour to bail out coal plants in Indiana. ($287,681) per day!

State Treasurer: Financial manager of the state; manages state’s money and acts as state’s banker.

Democrat: Scott Shertzer
Bring balance back to Ohio government
Accountable to Ohioans, not donors
Pro-choice, against abortion bans
EducatorCurrent Mayor of Marion, OH
Republican: Robert Sprague (incumbent)
•92% rating from National Rifle AssociationRated
•17% from Equality OhioRated
•25% from Working Families Ohio
•Voted YES for the Heartbeat bill Endorsed by Trump

Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: Oversees the work of the court; develops court initiatives such as racial justice, bail reform etc. Decides what gets on the docket

Democrat: Jennifer Brunner
•Former OH Secretary of State
•Expanded voting rights 
•Voted for fair maps and fair elections
•Will root out systemic racism in justice system
Republican: Sharon Kennedy
•Voted against fair maps and fair elections
•Believes that Ohio legislators should be unchecked – even by the court 
•Votes party first – Ohioans second

Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Seven justices serve on the highest court in Ohio; settle disputes on very important matters that affect our daily lives. There are two open seats – Vote for 2

Marilyn Zayas 
•Humble beginnings 
•Currently sits on OH Court of Appeals
•Judges should not be partisan; should follow the law 
Terri Jamison 
•Former coal miner 
•Supports workers rights 
•Works hard for equal justice 
•Currently on the Court of Appeals 
Patrick DeWine
•Won’t recuse himself from cases involving his father, Mike DeWine
•Voted against Ohio voters wanting fair elections and fair maps
Patrick Fischer
•Politics over people – voted for rigged elections
•Sought to impeach colleague and member of own party because
she ruled on the law, not politics 

Ohio Court of Appeals, Dist 5: There are 12 appellate courts in Ohio. The District Courts of Appeal primarily hear appeals from the Common Pleas, Municipal, and County courts. The Dist 5 Appellate Court resides in Canton, OH.

Democrat: Earle Wise, Jr (currently Presiding Judge)
Republican: Andrew King

U.S. Senator from Ohio

Democrat: Tim Ryan (currently US Congressman)
•Pro worker/high wages – endorsed by unions
•Reinvest in Ohio manufacturing jobs 
•Wants tax cuts for working class
Republican: JD Vance
•Far right conservative; endorsed by Trump
•Wants more tax cuts for rich
•Opposes sensible gun control
•Pregnancy by rape and incest is “inconvenient”

U.S. Congress: Propose federal laws, amend existing laws and create policy.

Democrat: Amy Rippel-Elton
•Campaign Finance Reform
•Medicare 4 All (single payer)
•College for All
•Green New Deal
•Humble background
Republican: Troy Balderson
•Voted against assault weapons ban
•Voted against the Right to Contraception Act
•Voted against act that would have preserved the
right to same sex marriage
•Multimillionaire (5Mest)

State Senate

Democrat: Heather Swiger
•Voting rights
•Teacher’s rights
•Women’s rights
Republican: Andrew Brenner
•In 2020, compared COVID actions by Health Director
Amy Acton to Nazi Germany
•Strongly anti-choice
•Opposes sensible gun control

State Rep Dist 61 (Western Knox County, incl. Western Mt. Vernon, Centerburg & Fredericktown)

Democrat: Louise Valentine
•Strong supporters of public education
•Wants to strengthen the local economyPro-choice
•Prides herself on being moderate
Republican: Beth Lear
•Pro Trump
•Opposes sensible gun control

State Rep Dist 98 (Eastern Knox County, incl. Most of Mt. Vernon, Gambier, Howard & Danville)

Democrat: Write In!  Annie Homstad
•Expand care infrastructure for children, elderly
•Expand broadband access
•Job security for Ohioans – pro-union
Republican: Darrell Kick
•Extremely anti-choice, proposed that ectopic pregnancies
be solved by reimplanting embryo (no such
procedure is medically feasibly)
•Opposes sensible gun control

Knox County Commissioner

Democrat: Roger Munday
•Believes there needs to be more transparency into work of Knox County Commission; suggests a meeting every month in the evening so the public can attend.
Republican: Bill Pursel (incumbent)
•Claims to represent all townships in the county but has continued practice of daytime meetings which most of the public cannot attend.
Statewide Issues on the November Ballot

Ohio issue 1, Determining Bail Amount Based on Public Safety Amendment (2022)
Ohio issue 2, Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment (2022)

Write In Candidate: How to Vote

Write In candidate names do not appear on the Ballot. Rather a line appears so that a name can be written in by you, the voter. However, the name must be an approved Write In candidate. Ask any Precinct Election Official to see a list of Write In candidates and they will show you that list names. This list cannot be posted at polling places because that is viewed as advertising or campaigning which is not allowed in polling places. Merely print out the name of the write in candidate on the blank line on your ballot and fill in the oval completely to the left of the fill in line:

NOTE about spelling the name: While it’s always best to spell a name of a write-in candidate correctly, variations are acceptable when the vote is being counted. For example, if there is only one person named “Annie” who’s a registered write-in candidate, a vote for “Annie” (just first name and no last name) would count. A vote for just “Homstad” (just last name and no first name) would count, unless two voters with that last name were registered write-in candidates. A vote for a slight misspelling would count, if the intent is clear.

Early Voting Schedule Oct 12-Nov 7, Knox County

Link to schedule at Knox County, OH Board of Elections times vary on weekdays and weekends.

Absentee Ballot: Checkpoints to completing

Link to Ohio Secretary of State

Find Your Ballot, Polling Place

Link to Knox County BOE, type in your name to access and print your ballot.

Democratic Accomplishments
History of prominent achievements
–Some of the Benefits and Programs Brought to You by the Democratic Party:
19th Amendment – Women’s Right to Vote.
Apollo 11 – First manned moon mission.
Social Security – Social Insurance Program.
Medicare – Health insurance for seniors.
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political and military alliance between the US, Canada and Europe.
Medicaid – Health program for low income people.
Securities and Exchange Act Law – governing the secondary trading of securities.
Rural Electrification Act – Federal loans for the installation of electricity to serve rural areas.
Peace Corps – American volunteers promoting peace and friendship around the world.Unemployment Benefits – Payment to the unemployed.
Fair Labor Standards Act – End of child labor.
Servicemen’s Readjustment Act – Benefits for Returning GIs, The GI Bill.
Federal Home Loan Program –  Allows lower income Americans to borrow money for the purchase of a home.National Industrial Recovery Act – 8 hour day, minimum wage, paid overtime and right to collective bargaining
National School Lunch Act – Free or low cost meals for children.
Voting Rights Act – Prohibits voting discrimination.National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis – Forerunner of the March of Dimes.
Head Start Program – Comprehensive services for low income families.
Civil Rights Act – Prohibits discrimination.
Marshall Plan European Recovery Act – post WWII rebuilding of Europe.
Financial Aid for Higher Education Loans – Guaranteed student loan.Family and Medical Leave Act – Provide employees job protected unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons.
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – Overrode the Supreme Court’s limitation of employee rights.
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Health care reform.

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