Steven F Mount

Steve Mount, Ohio House of Representatives (68th District)

Steve Mount is a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives from the 68th District (eastern Delaware County and Knox County). He has been active in Democratic politics for decades, in New York, campaigning for John Glenn for president in 1984, and in Delaware County since relocating to Ohio in 1985. This is his first attempt at elective office.

Steve practices as a tax lawyer with the Columbus office of a global law firm. His practice focuses on community development financings which encourage investment in low-income communities in Ohio and across the United States.

He has written books on two principal community development programs, the Rehabilitation Tax Credit and the New Markets Tax Credit, and is the author of several articles on Opportunity Funds and other topics. He is listed in The Best Lawyers in America and Ohio Super Lawyers.

Steve graduated, cum laude, from Harvard Law School in 1979 and, summa cum laude, from Muskingum College in 1976. He was born in Nelsonville, Ohio.
He has lived in Genoa Township with his wife Kathleen since 1985. They have three daughters and one son, and two grandchildren. In addition to politics, his interests include running and climbing.

Why I am running

There are many reasons I am running for election to the Ohio House of Representatives. As a moderate Democrat, I believe I would offer voters of my district a choice of supporting strong family values and common sense policies that would improve their day-to-day lives.Improving healthcare, enacting common-sense gun legislation (as the Governor has proposed), and addressing the effects of climate change before it is too late are all issues I would champion in the legislature.As a moderate, I would also work to bridge the bitter partisan divide that plagues our state and country. Establishing more of a balance in the legislature would help, as would calling a “truce” on the cultural issues that accomplish noting but deepen mistrust. Even today, there is common ground, and focusing on that agenda could start to rebuild working relationships while actually accomplishing something that benefits the voters.I also support fixing the many anti-democratic rules that result in empowering the extremes of both parties and silencing the middle where most citizens reside. At the state level, we could solve gerrymandering, assure fair elections without disenfranchising voters, and apply our electoral college votes proportionately. Over time, a change in all of these rules would more accurately align the legislature with the voters.