KCDP endorses fall candidate slate

At its May monthly meeting, the Knox County Democratic Party executive committee endorsed the slate of candidates appearing on the fall 2016 general election ballot.

Winning endorsements were:

  • Mary Chapa, candidate for Knox County commissioner;
  • John Russell, candidate for Ohio state representative from the 68th district;
  • Earle Wise, candidate for fifth circuit court of appeals judge;
  • John O’Donnell, candidate for Ohio Supreme Court justice;
  • Cynthia Rice, candidate for Ohio Supreme Court justice;
  • Roy Rich, candidate for U.S. representative from the 7th district; and
  • Ted Strickland, candidate for U.S. senator.

An endorsement of the Democratic presidential nominee will be offered after the party’s nominating convention has concluded.

“Once again, the Democratic Party has an impressive array of candidates, with fresh ideas and the energy to implement them,” said Adam Gilson, KCDP chairman. “In Mary Chapa and John Russell, we have youth and vision on our side. In John O’Donnell and Cynthia Rice, we have highly accomplished jurists who are the only Supreme Court candidates to be recommended by the Ohio Bar Association. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, our candidates are highly qualified and motivated individuals who will work in the best interestsĀ of all Knox Countians and all Ohioans.”

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